Let’s talk Hybrid Realities

What the next revolution of the internet means for your business



Metaverse, Mirror World and Web3 are all terms to describe a world where physical and digital experiences merge. So many names, so much potential. Let’s discuss what the next evolution of the internet means for the world and your business.

Change is here

New business models and ecosystems are surfacing powered by emerging technologies. The Hybrid Reality is rapidly evolving, bringing new meaningful experiences from the intersection of digital and physical.

In a world of opportunities, do you see the commercial potential? Is your organisation ready for this? To give you headspace in a world of buzzwords and hype here’s our perspective on the Hybrid Reality.

Three dimensions of hybrid reality

When designing future products and services, it is easy to get too focused on a single perspective and to forget the impact the experience will have on the individual and society at large. 

To move forward with clarity, we apply three lenses to map potential business opportunities and consumer impact: The individual, the community, and the system lens.


As individuals, hybrid reality experiences allow us to transition seamlessly between and within digital and physical moments. Revisit your customer journey and imagine how seamless moments between digital and physical environments can solve real pain points and create experiences that appeal to the full range of our human capabilities. This is a space to innovate and invent new products and services: ones that create engagement, connection and value utilising hybrid reality infrastructures.


Community and communication can now be scaled contextually. AI can make sense of huge and complex data, allowing the creation of shared digital experiences that merge personalised and community defined information for the individual. Applying the contextual community lens opens possibilities to innovate and optimise human interaction to create more efficient and democratised experiences.


Everything is connected, and businesses that understand how to better connect, innovate, and integrate will lead the hybrid revolution. There are amazing opportunities to tap, disrupt, change and improve existing value chains when applying the systemic lense. To think about your own business in service layers, allows you discover new revenue streams as well as personalisation and automatisation opportunities at scale.

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