Mobility study: Shaping what moves us

Designing for the future of Mobility

With the accelerating advent of emerging transformative technologies, new approaches and concepts surrounding mobility are developing. The core need for moving from point A to point B will be further accelerated by solutions and experiences that connect the needs of not only humans, but those of the planet.

It’s always important to push the boundaries and be ready for the future, but how to do that in such a complex industry?

You need to add new perspectives and skillsets to transform your business.

Designing for the future of mobility

At Questtono Manyone, we are ready to fast-forward the mobility industry. No matter if it’s a bike, a motorcycle, a car, a train, an airplane, or a complex ecosystem platform, new agile methodologies, technologies, and ways of thinking to enable us to develop and deliver planet and people-centric solutions.

In our paper, Shaping everything that moves us, we propose five principles to guide and shape everything that’s next in mobility for people, business, and the planet. We offer an idealized approach to developing solutions and new business ideas that will shape and connect an increasingly complex industry – but an industry, which is nonetheless abundant with opportunity.

The 5 principles:


The future of mobility must reduce emissions
and bring them closer to zero.


The future of mobility adjusts to give users
reliable and flexible choices when and where they need them.


The future of mobility joins private and public services with a view
Join to improve every touchpoint.


The future of mobility is inclusive for all.


The future of mobility attracts the user to be the preferred


Why trust Questtono Manyone to be your partner to create the future of mobility?

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Staying ahead of the curve in a changing industry with Questtono Manyone

We are an award-winning strategy-design hybrid shaping everything that’s next.

From Hong Kong to Sao Paulo, New York to Copenhagen, we help organizations uncover opportunities and implement outstanding experiences driven by a systemic design approach. We believe that great creative solutions are only possible when conceived as a whole and not as isolated parts.

That’s why we use design and technology combined with a deep understanding of human behavior to develop brand strategies, build completely new ecosystems, and create physical and digital products, services, and visual expressions. 

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