The LG pk7 speaker design: taking culture into product strategy

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A multicultural investigation to understand behaviour and define a consumer electronics strategy for the global market of portable speakers

How to come up with the right speaker design for a global market?

Even though the way people relate to music it is different depending on who – and where – they are, there is no doubt that music is present in the everyday lives of people all over the world.

With this premise in mind, we asked ourselves: how can we take the culture similarities between different places to propose a common product design and strategy?

Is it possible to translated culture and consumer behavior for consumer electronics design for the global market of portable speakers?

Consumer electronic design in action

In this project, Questtonó worked together with the LG America team and helped them understand how people from both United States and Latin America interact with music in their daily lives – and how these findings  could be shaped into valuable consumer electronics business opportunities.

Combining research and an immersion to the urban music culture of two of the biggest cities in the world – New York and São Paulo – we were able to not only talk to people about something they’re truly passionate about, but also define the major differences and similarities between two distinct markets.

Our goal was to understand the needs and wishes of American and Latinx music lovers so that we could come up with a new portable speaker design that could be used both during a weekend on the beach or to set the mood before an important end-of-season game. In other words, a unique concept for the consumer electronics industry.

The speaker design product is out

With just two months between the initial design sprint, user research and the presentation of the final concept, an international and multidisciplinary team from both São Paulo and Brooklyn offices came up with important observations about the urban music culture in Brazil and America.

More importantly, our team was able to understand and translate the main findings into amazing concepts and brand strategies. Understanding the consumer is only part of the challenge for any design project, and for Questtonó it’s important to dive deeper and make sure concepts and ideas become real.

The final product speaker design product, LG PK7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, is a result of strategic design and the ability to combine knowledge between both the Research and Product teams in order to come up with an amazing product that truly embodies the needs and wishes of the consumer. Our efforts weren’t in vain – the LG PK7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker project won both an iF and a Red Dot award in 2018.

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