Solar Battery Charger Design: Sun Hunter democratizing access to energy

Renewable energy
industrial design


A Solar Battery Charger Design project to create the X-Scroll, a functional device that relies on renewable energy

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Consumer Experience

How can we democratize access to clean solar energy? As designers, we help organisations thrive in a complex world by supporting them with knowledge on how to create unique products and experiences.  

Company Sun Hunter had developed a new flexible solar panel technology and was looking for business applications for it. In collaboration with them, we designed the solar-powered X-Scroll charger, that received the gold medal at the iF Design Awards.

Creative challenges

Our challenge was to envision usage possibilities and to design a product that provides a high level of value and functionality.

Creative solutions

The job was developed by a multidisciplinary team that was responsible for the solar battery charger design, that is, transforming the sustainable solar panel technology into a portable device.  

The project required industrial design skills in addition to UX experts to enhance the way people could interact with the device and the features in a simplified way.

The X-Scroll charger can charge devices like smartphones and also comes with speaker and lantern attachments. It’s compact and ideal for outdoor activities but extends beyond this.