Supporting working parents through service design

Supporting working parents through service design


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A digital solution for more human companies

We partnered with a promising Brazilian healthcare startup, Bloom, to build a digital platform for new, working parents. Using our CX methodology, we helped Bloom transform their business model into an ecosystem that helped businesses empower their new parent employees.

Bloom’s original approach was to offer educational and easily consumable content for new parents – but we saw an even bigger opportunity. Today, half of Brazilian mothers leave the workforce for an additional two years post maternity leave. This is due to a myriad of reasons, but at the core, the issue comes largely out of a broken employer system.

We challenged ourselves to develop a brand strategy aimed at changing the culture surrounding new parents in the workplace. 

Healthtech: Building a positive relationship between company and employer

Bloom offers their resources to businesses as an employee benefit to build a network of support within the workplace for new parents. They believe that companies can and should be more supportive of the families of those they employ. From telehealth and chatrooms to medical resources and tips, Bloom helps employers build a more positive culture around maternity and paternity leave. 

Through our process, we found a missed opportunity to offer new parents resources not only for their newborn, but for themselves. Navigating parenthood and being a working employee is physically and mentall straining, so we sought to create a digital platform that spoke to both of these needs.

Through professional networks and the Bloom community, users can find a variety of support, aggregated in one platform. 

Enhancing customer experience though methodology and brand

We leveraged two of our methodologies, Quest and Ignition, collaborating with businesses and new parents to understand the different challenges and key moments they experienced. It was important to consider company, parents, and professionals to deliver a streamlined, yet useful digital experience. Questtono developed the business model, brand strategy, visual identity, CX, and front and backend development from our technology partner, Bolha. 

Once service offerings had been defined, a brand language was developed and implemented by Bolha, our technology team.