The ultimate dash cam

Smart Car Camera

Safe, smart, and unobtrusive, the nexarOne is a camera designed to be seamlessly fitted into any vehicle

As dash cams go, Nexar is leading the race. High-quality recordings, meaningful interaction and connected opportunities. Designed to be safe, smart, and unobtrusive – the new nexarOne sets the industry standard.

Designed by Questtonó Manyone in Tel Aviv, nexarOne is an elegantly designed camera that can be seamlessly fitted into any vehicle. From there it streams 4K quality videos streams to the cloud and to your smartphone. Whether it is in broad daylight or at night, the quality of the recording is uncompromising.

The nexarOne’s smart connection system makes information about your vehicle accessible, when and if you need it. Should anything happen to your vehicle, you’ll get notified and so does your insurance provider – with the nexarOne automatically creating a detailed summary of the event.

Set up for safety

The camera is mounted easily with a few simple clicks and without using any extra tools. Using strong magnets, the camera sits securely, and any add-on modules, such as an interior camera, can easily be attached using the same system. The modular system also gives a high degree of flexibility for placement, allowing it to be fitted for both left and right driving countries. The camera and cables are designed to not interfere with the vehicle’s dashboard. The whole system is designed to the highest safety standards, and throughout the design process, we tested and refined all mechanisms to be as reliable as possible. The camera easily withstands wear and tear of the weather and changing temperatures, and it can also withstand a crash.

Showcasing high-end design along with uncompromising safety and robustness, nexarOne’s design, technological capabilities and seamless user experience are setting proper industry standards in the dash cam market.

nexar one
nexar one
nexar one
nexar one