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Natura SOU makes you ask: does sustainability equal expensive price tags?

Natura – a global personal care and cosmetics company that owns brands such as Aesop and The Body Shop, faced this question in a challenge to engage people in conscious consumption through an innovative & eco friendly cosmetic packaging . 

Products with low environmental impact are still generally perceived as expensive. Natura’s goal was to create a new line within an intermediate price range, so Questtonó and Natura joined forces to tackle this cosmetic packaging design challenge.

Natura SOU uses 70% less plastic than conventional packaging, reducing impact throughout its entire life cycle

Into the cosmetic packaging design project

The line redefined the way cosmetic packaging design is approached at Natura and has been a key reference for sustainable initiatives at the company. Production and logistics were simplified once a single-plant assembly line combined manufacturing and packaging. Natura SOU has generated a true sustainable impact from the ground up, receiving 10 awards, including the iF Design Award.

Through ethnographic research with consumers and consultants from several Brazilian states, Questtonó outline what consumers deemed essential versus unnecessary for the Natura SOU product experience. The research investigated not only the sales process, but the product itself and how people dealt with Natura packaging.

Informed by our research, we knew it was critical to optimize the product lines production and distribution systems of Natura SOU to make an impact on sustainability, so we immersed ourselves in the packaging world across industries. Product design, logistics, business model, and service were all considered to inform the final packaging solution. 

Enter the eco friendly cosmetic packaging

Not only sustainable from a production perspective, this cosmetic packaging design design allows for every last drop of product to be used unlike traditional pump bottles. Following the release of Natura SOU line, the value of Natura’s shares increased by 5%. And that is the outcome for this cosmetic packaging design case study we have had the honor to deliver. 

How to innovate in cosmetic packaging or consumer goods design in general?

Whether you need a brand strategy to increase its local market share like Anheuser-Busch local brands project, create a new positioning, expand globally to boost sales without losing its brand identity, or even to redesign its whole consuming experience, the good news is: we can help you.

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