The Biomega EV: Transformational design meets revolutionary business model

Veículo Elétrico Biomega

industrial design


A production ready electric vehicle accompanied by a novel business model. Defining the mobility ecosystems of the future

Add a state of the art digital experience and platform design and with all components validated by experts and end-user. The Biomega mobility solution embodies our vision of improving life in the city by pioneering urban mobility.

Finding a unique position in this mobility landscape of the future requires something special. Our hybrid team delivered a three-tier mobility platform consisting of:

> The iconically designed electric vehicle with a Nordic design edge

> A suite of managed services for vehicle owners

> A digital sharing and monetisation platform.

Concept ideation to L7e show car in 9 months.

The initial vision materialised as an urban L7e version which was presented as a show car at CIIE Shanghai 2018. The entire vehicle design from ideation to CAS was done inhouse and built with the collaboration of world-class prototype builders in Munich.

From L7e show car to M1 category development in 9 months.

In collaboration with automotive engineer partners in Germany, the concept was matured in 2019 to include vehicle packaging, initial BIW, powertrain packaging, E/E architecture layout as well as interior and exterior CAS within the parameters of a category M1 regulatory vehicle.