The new Budweiser Beer Bottle Design

New look of a classic

visual identity

Redesigning one of America’s greatest icons through an immersive and integrated process that added even more value to the brand

A complex creative challenge, reinforcing traditional values through a revitalized budweiser design 

“King of Beers since 1876”, Budweiser is one of America’s most iconic brands and a true leader of the U.S. beer industry. We are proud to work with a brand with such a history that remains committed to brewing the great-tasting, high-quality beers and inspire great feelings to the entire nation.

We received the tempting mission to adequate Budweiser’s global brand to its new business moment, translating its values on their main point of contact – the bottle. A great challenge when it comes to a shift from such a relevant brand. We are used to saying that projects like this are far more complex than simply creating a package for a new brand.

Any new symbol must be cautiously elaborated by an experienced specialists team. With that in mind, we applied 3 of our greatest skills to it: Research, Product and Visual design

Enter the Beer Bottle Design

Through an immersive, integrated and concise process, we were able to create a solution that suited the challenge. Without a doubt, redesigning one of America’s greatest icons that is recognized all across the world is of great pride for an innovation and design consultancy with Brazilian soul.After a broad case research, we understood that we would need to explore graphic resources that highlighted Budweiser’s essential characteristics, authenticity and quality. 

The improvements on the beer bottle design were the introduction of a new label, with a bolder and more modern approach and the traditional Anheuser Busch stamp embossed in the back and in the bottle cap.

When integrated, these elements result in a more potent visual that adds even more value to the product and the brand, what makes the beer bottle design for Budweiser a packaging & food and beverage case study that we are very honored to have successfully delivered.

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